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Touchline Training can provide speakers and workshops for your conference.

 We contribute to educational conferences which focus on the mental and emotional health of children and young people, the prevention of bullying and the use of positive, nurturing touch to improve behaviour.


 We have presented at Healthy Schools, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) and Behaviour Support conferences providing presentations and interactive workshops.


Speakers focus on the use of positive, nurturing touch in school situations with reference to case studies and research.


The workshops:


Comments of participants at Somerset  Behaviour Support conference workshop:


‘Fantastic but not long enough!! Felt really relaxed"


‘This was my 3rd choice workshop, but I really enjoyed it. I am now going to try and get our school on the school massage programme!’


‘A very good introduction to this area - really enjoyed the experience.’


‘Very interesting – will definitely use this’.


IMPACT Programme - Wellbeing for young people

Full details 


Workshops for students

Workshops provide a taster, contribute to awareness raising and are fun although the greatest benefit comes from consistent use of the relaxation programme. Workshops may be provided pre-GCSE, for health awareness days or other specific events. They can be arranged depending on location.


‘Moving On’ – Hendon School
Touchline Training worked at Hendon School, London, providing a series of pre GCSE workshops for year 11 students. This covered relaxation with visualisation and clothed peer massage. Evaluation of the ‘Chill Skills for Students’ workshops showed that the majority of students found the activities interesting, useful and relaxing!
Comments from students:

Could your year 11 students benefit from such activities?

Use the contact page to find out more about the programme and training.

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