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Our new website, dedicated to the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme, is now online.  
This page gives outline information about the programme.
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What is the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme?
IMPACT is a programme to improve wellbeing in the workplace, developed in response to requests from staff in education, health and social care.  It consists of a range of relaxation techniques and includes clothed peer massage.  The programme is based on an ethos of respect and choice.
Simple, quick and proven techniques have been combined to provide a programme suitable for use with young people in high schools, colleges and other organisations as well as adults in their place of work. 
Many people find that aspects of their lives are stressful and, while some stress helps people to perform well, too much stress can have a detrimental effect on health.  This affects not only the individual’s work but also other aspects of their lives, often leading to poor attendance and difficulties with personal relationships.
The IMPACT Wellbeing Programme can contribute to an improvement in young people's and adults’ physical, mental and emotional health and can lead to improved social relationships. 
Adults who have taken part in a one day Instructor's training can quickly and easily carry out techniques from the IMPACT Wellbeing Programme in their classrooms with students, or with colleagues in the workplace and family and friends at home, resulting in lower levels of stress.  They develop skills for life.
The programme is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and Complementary Therapists' Association (CThA) for continuing professional development. 
It consists of a range of relaxation techniques which include:
These simple, adaptable and effective techniques, which are promoted by the NHS, require no equipment other than a chair - although music helps and is provided!   They can be used according to personal choice and the time and space available.  
Find out more about using IMPACT Wellbeing for young people in schools and other organisations and IMPACT Wellbeing  for adults in the workplace.  You can also use the Contact Us facility. 
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