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Kind Hands



Welcome to 'Kind Hands', activities using positive and nurturing touch, designed for pre-school children and their parents.



Are you working with children of pre-school age? Perhaps you are supporting children and their parents. You may be working in a kindergarten, pre-school, in Sure Start or as a Home Start volunteer. You may also be working with children with special needs, who can benefit so much from nurturing touch.



'Kind Hands' has a one day training course that gives you, an educationalist or health professional, the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills to use in a fun way with younger children - and their parents. We weave positive and nurturing touch into well loved stories and nursery rhymes. Children sit one behind the other and use Kind Hands to bring bear hunts, greedy caterpillars and other stories to life. We develop our own stories too!


We show you how to engage parents in giving their children a pre-bedtime story massage on the back. For young ones there's little better than experiencing a soothing touch from mum, dad or grandparents. Massage calms a young child and improves their sleep and nurturing touch helps children and their parents bond, creating closer relationships.


Our one day Instructor's training course is accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) for 10 points for continuing professional development. 


Use the Contact Us page to find out more about Kind Hands training courses. We can offer your organisation in-house training specifically designed to meet your needs - so just ask. We guarantee a happy, fun filled training day!

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